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Forms You Can Use

Auto Document Checklist — For making sure you have copies of all the documents critical to your car or truck purchase and finding out when you signed them.

Credit Report Request Letters — If you have problems getting your credit reports by telephone, you can use these letters.

Dispute Letter to Credit Bureaus — You can use this form to dispute credit report errors directly to the credit bureaus. Send them certified mail, return receipt requested.

Dispute Notification to Creditor — If you dispute credit report errors to the credit bureaus, you can use this form to notify the creditor involved of your dispute. Send by certified mail, return receipt requested.

Letter Asking Why a Company Accessed Your Credit Report — If you think a company might not have had a right to access your credit report information, you can use this letter to ask them why they did.

Chronology of Events — Use this form to document conversations, telephone calls, visits and correspondence between you and the company you have a problem with.

Debt Collector Contact Log — This log will help you document the details of each contact you have with debt collectors. Keep it near your phone. Check our information on how to Keep a Log of Contacts.

Expense Record — Keep track of cash outlays, phone bills, transportation and mileage costs, lost work time and other expenses you incur trying to correct your problem with this form.

Record of Your Problem’s Impact on You — Record on this form all the ways your consumer problem has impacted your life (physical and emotional reactions, lost opportunities, inconvenience, etc.).

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